9 Mosis fabrication services.

(From Mosis) Information is available from mosis for pricing and fab schedules through an automatic email system:

Mail to mosis@mosis.edu with the message body as follows:

for general information and a list of available topics.

If you need to contact a person at mosis, you may mail to mosis@mosis.edu with REQUEST: ATTENTION.

Also anonymous ftp is available. ftp to ftp.mosis.edu. This is a duplication of all files that are available from the mail server.

(From MUG 20 Contributed by Don Bouldin of the University of Tennessee)

Multi-project fabrication of BICMOS designs are already available to European universities via CMP and to Canadian universities via the Canadian Microelectronic Corporation. However, in the United States, the demand for BiCMOS fabrication via MOSIS has not been considered significant. MOSIS is currently planning to start offering 0.5-micron BiCMOS during the first quarter of 1994. This will have a core voltage operation of 3.3v and a clock frequency in the range of 220-250Mhz. MOSIS is interested in seeing if a larger demand exists in the community than expressed so far.

If you would like to have BiCMOS available before 1994, please send a short note to mosis@mosis.edu (with a copy to bouldin@sun1.engr.utk.edu) using the following format.

   	 your message goes here
(From MUG 20 and Chris Donham of the University of Pennsylvania)

Support for mosis technologies under Cadence Analog Artist 2.4 is available as is from University of Pennsylvania. This includes DRC, LVS, EXT, and a beginner's guide. Currently they are working on support for Opus 4.2. The files supporting Artist 2.4 are currently available via anonymous FTP. Penn is not affiliated with MOSIS, except as a satisfied customer, and as a result, NO WARRANTY IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WITH REGARDS TO THE FILES, OR THEIR FITNESS FOR ANY USE. Use the files at your own risk. To obtain the files, FTP to axon.ee.upenn.edu (, using the name "anonymous" and your mailing address as the password. The files are in the "pub" directory.

Penn is in the process of switching from Artist 2.4 to Opus 4.2. The manual is being rewritten, and the support files are being updated. Technology files supporting DRC, Extract, and Compare are currently in beta-test. If problems or bugs are detected, please send email to "cadence@axon.ee.upenn.edu".

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