68 XRLCAD, A C++ library for manipulating Calma (GDS) and CIF libraries

(from Mumit Khan <khan@xraylith.wisc.edu>)

XRLCAD -- CXrL CAD toolset

This package contains a C++ class library to manipulate Structure (as in Calma/CIF) hierarchies. There is also loaders for CIF and Calma, as well as output drivers for these formats. A bunch of demo programs are included which I wrote when I was testing the library, and these programs turned out be quite useful tools.

The library is still in its infancy, but it's reasonably solid; in a few months I'll take another look at it and probably overhaul it.

Core directory organization: relative to $TOPDIR
    ./xrutils - standard stuff (lists, stacks, hash tables, strings)
    ./xrcad   - C++ class libraries for manipulating cell libraries
                and the embedded structure hierarchy
    ./calma   - input/output drivers for Calma/GDS
    ./cif     - input/output drivers for CIF
    ./technology - very incomplete. Started to see if I could do what
                   Magic does with CIF layers <--> GDS layer ids.
Demo programs: relative to $TOPDIR
    ./gdsflatten - flatten a GDS file
    ./gdsxtract - extract cell hierarchy (and specific layers)
    ./gdshier - show hierarchy
    ./gdsinfo - useful info (hierarchy, bounding box)
    ./cifflatten - flatten a CIF file (and extract specific layers)
    ./cif2gds -
    ./gds2cif -
    ./biaser - mask compensation program
    ./gdsclip - clip and extract an area of a layout
I've successfully built a recent snapshot on the following platforms:
    sparc-sunos-4.1.3: SC2.0.1, Cfront-3.0.1, GCC-2.6.3
    sparc-sunos-5: SC2.0.1, GCC-2.6.3
    rs6000-aix-3.2: Cfront-3.0.1, GCC-2.6.3
    decstation-ultrix4.2: Cfront-3.0.1, GCC-2.6.3
                          (and I think it worked!)
Further information is available at
Mumit Khan                        khan@xraylith.wisc.edu
Research Staff                    Phone: +1 608 265 6075
Center for X-ray Lithography      FAX:   +1 608 265 3811
University of Wisconsin-Madison   http://www.xraylith.wisc.edu/~khan/

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