67 The Substrate Resistance Extractor SUBSPACE

(from arjan@cas.et.tudelft.nl (Arjan van Genderen))

We have made available for anonymous FTP a program for computing substrate resistances, called SUBSPACE. The program is based on the paper "Extraction of Circuit Models for Substrate Cross-Talk", by T. Smedes, N.P. van der Meijs and A.J. van Genderen, Proceedings ICCAD 1995.

The program uses as input a geometrical description of a set of contacts defined on top of a semi-conducting substrate. This input is generated using an X-window based graphical layout editor. The properties of the substrate and the parameters for the boundary-element method that is used to compute the substrate resistances, are specified in a parameter file. Effects of chip side-walls can also be included. The output consists of a SPICE resistance network.

SUBSPACE is a special version of the layout-to-circuit extractor SPACE; everything that SUBSPACE can, SPACE can do too. Moreover, SPACE can simultaneously extract MOS and bipolar transistors, RC models and 3D capacitances. Actually, the only special thing about SUBSPACE are the technology files and a pre-configured set of options. The full version of SPACE will be released in several weeks.

The program SUBSPACE is available in executable form, including documentation, for HP 700/800 computers and Sun Sparc stations. It can be obtained via anonymous FTP from ftp://dutentb.et.tudelft.nl/pub/space/subspace, or via the WWW address specified below.

For more information, see our WWW page: http://dutentb.et.tudelft.nl/research/space.html

A tutorial is found at http://dutentb.et.tudelft.nl/research/subspace.html

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