65 SPICE-PAC, A Modular Spice Simulator with Enhancements

(from Bardo Muller <bardo.muller@ief-paris-sud.fr>)

SPICE-PAC - A Modular Spice Simulator with Enhancements

Author:	 W.M. Zuberek
	 Computer Science Department
	 Memorial University of Newfoundland
	 St. John's, Nfld, Canada A1C-5S7
	 tel. (709) 737-4701 or 737-8627
	 fax: (709) 737-2009
SPICE-PAC allows the construction of interactive applications in which circuit simulation can be combined with different optimization methods, statistical analysis, symbolic simulation. High-level (behavioral) simulation is possible by user-defined functions and tables.

The SPICE-PAC Fortran/C-source (version 94.08) can be found in the directory ftp://ftp.cs.mun.ca/pub/sppac

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