63 SIMLAB, a circuit simulation environment

(from Bardo Muller <bardo@ief-paris-sud.fr>)

Simlab is a circuit simulation environment consisting of a flexible, user-friendly front-end operating in conjunction with a sophisticated and versatile simulation engine. The program is written in C and is specifically designed to be used as an educational tool and as a research platform. Simlab can be operated in either batch or interactive mode. An optimized version for the Connection Machine (cmvsim) is available.

The user is allowed to separately specify algorithms for the various aspects of the simulation. These include:

Simulation environment (e.g. serial or parallel depending on
     the underlying hardware).
ODE system solution (e.g. point)
ODE system time integration (e.g. backward-Euler, trapezoidal,
     second-order Gear),
Nonlinear algebraic system solution (e.g. multidimensional
     Newton's method, nonlinear relaxation),
Linear system solution (e.g. sparse Gaussian
     elimination, Gauss-Jacobi relaxation, conjugate gradient,
	conjugate gradient squared),
In its basic form, simlab is a powerful circuit simulator, but it is also designed to be easily customized for research purposes. For example, simlab forms the core of special-purpose simulation programs, such as a switched capacitor filter simulator and a simulator for vision circuits. The program code is highly modular, so that researchers can easily construct and test algorithms by inserting them into the existing simlab framework.

Simlab can be obtained from ftp://rle-vlsi.mit.edu/pub/simlab. Question or problems related to the installation or usage of the simlab circuit simulator should be addressed to simlab@rle-vlsi.mit.edu ( Any bugs should be reported to simlab-bug@rle-vlsi.mit.edu .

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