6 EDIF data exchange format.

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The Electronic Design Interchange Format (EDIF) is the most widely used EDA standard and is used to interchange design data between CAD systems.

The language is a standard under the auspices of the Electronic Industries Association (the `EIA'), a US based industry association, responsible for a number of electronics related standards. EDIF Version 3 0 0, used for the transfer of connectivity and schematic information, has also become an IEC standard; IEC 1690.

The latest version of EDIF, Version 4 0 0, promises to add to EDIF Version 3 0 0 in the areas of; PCB and MCM Capabilities, Technology Rules and Manufacturing Drawings

EDIF Version 4 0 0 is currently out for ballot, until 28th May 1996, as EDIF Version 3 9 9.

EDIF Version 3 9 9 documentation is supplied in CD-ROM form or on paper directly from the EIA or Framemaker4 hypertext format directly from the EDIF Technical Centre, on behalf of the EIA. To review the material, the FrameViewer software is required. To obtain a copy of EDIF Version 3 9 9 (4 0 0), contact either Patti Rusher of the EIA or the EDIF Technical Centre for detailed instructions.

The EDIF Version 2 0 0 Reference Manual and User Guides and copies of the manuals or CD-ROM for EDIF Version 3 0 0 can be obtained from the Electronic Industries Association, Attn. Patti Rusher.

For more EDIF related information visit the EDIF Web site:

An electonic mailing list is available to people interested in EDIF and for EDIF developers/programmers. Send email to edif-users-request@cs.man.ac.uk to be added.

Patti Rusher at the EIA can be contacted at:
     Patti Rusher
     2500 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 203
     Arlington, VA 22201, U.S.A.
     Telephone: +1 703 907 7545
     Fax: +1 703 907 7501
     E-mail: pattir@eia.org
The EDIF Technical Centre can be contacted at:
     EDIF Technical Centre, Department of Computer Science,
     University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK
     Tel: +44 161 275 6289
     FAX: +44 161 275 6280
     E-mail: edif-support@cs.man.ac.uk
     URL: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/cad/EDIFTechnicalCentre/

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