57 Analog CMOS VLSI Design Educational Resource Kit

(from MUG)

UMass Dartmouth is pleased to announce the release of Version 1 of the Analog CMOS VLSI Design Educational Resource Kit. Version 1 of the Resource Kit may be obtained via anonymous ftp at the site

The CIF file for a 2 micron Mosis Tinychip using p-well technology; and manuals containing five tutorials based on the chip set.

These circuits were used in an undergraduate course on analog VLSI design during the spring semester at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. They are also being currently used in a graduate level course in analog VLSI design. The students in the undergraduate course had a single introductory digital VLSI design course as background, and were familiar with MAGIC, SPICE and CAzM, a SPICE-like circuit simulator.

If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions regarding the release, or ideas for other circuits that you have found useful in your classes and that could be incorporated in later releases, please feel free to contact me. Good luck!

Robert H. Caverly, Ph.D.
ECE Department
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
N. Dartmouth, MA  02747
(508) 999-8474

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