56 ceBox EDIF Viewer and Schematic Generator

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A free demo version of the ceBox EDIF Viewer is now available from the the following site:

README				   3k
nlview-2.5-sun.tar.gz		 856k	for SPARC SunOS4+5
nlview-2.5-hp.tar.gz		1168k	for HP-PA
nlview-2.5-win32.zip		 536k	for Windows95+WindowsNT
doc-2.5-sun.tar.gz		  88k	Documentation
doc-2.5-hp.tar.gz		  88k	Documentation
doc-2.5-win32.zip		  89k	Documentation
The *ceBox EDIF Kit* is a programming library to bundle C++ user functions to the Viewer and to build standalone EDIF processors. The Kit's in-core data base allows to access/modify all EDIF data.

A free demo version of nlview (schematic generation and viewing tool) for SPARCstation is available via anonymous ftp from:

+      cross-probing between schematic and ASCII file
+      searching objects by name (using wild-cards)
+      highlighting critical pathes (infos from separate file)
+      writing EDIF 200 schematic and PostScript files
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