55 ALLIANCE, a CAD package and simulator for teaching digital VLSI design

--- (from Frederic PETROT <fred@cao-vlsi.ibp.fr>)

The release 3.0 of the public domain  ALLIANCE VLSI/CAD system is
now available at:
ftp.ibp.fr      []        in /ibp/softs/masi/alliance
ALLIANCE is a complete set of CAD tools and portable libraries for research and education in digital VLSI design. The ALLIANCE CAD system has been developed at the MASI laboratory (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris France). It includes a VHDL compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, automatic place and route, DRC, extractor, functional abstraction and formal proof tools etc... All the ALLIANCE cell libraries use a symbolic layout approach in order to provide process independence: Cmos process from 1.6 micron to 0.8 micron have been successfully targetted.

Several new tools have been introduced into release 3.0, (...and several bugs have been fixed)

1) FPGA synthesis The logic synthesis tool ALLIGATOR is dedicated to fast prototyp- ing on XILINX FPGAs. The input description uses the same VHDL subset as the ASIMUT VHDL simulator.

2) Floor-plan router The high performance floor-plan router CHEOPS, developped by BULL is part of this release. This toll uses the same symbolic layout approach as all the ALLIANCE portable libraries. It as been used for multi-millions transistors circuits. Only the binary code for SPARC is available.

3) Timing analysis The ALLIANCE design-flow separates functionnal verification (us- ing zero delay VHDL models) and the timing verification. The timing analyser TAS takes an extracted, transistor level net-list (ALLIANCE or SPICE format) as input, and provides all relevant timing information.


ALLIANCE is totally free, under the terms of the GNU General Pub- lic License. It includes C source files and on-line English do- cumentation (UNIX man)

1) A hierarchical makefile allows each ALLIANCE tool to be com- piled and installed separately. The disk space required to compile and install the full ALLIANCE package is about 150 megs.

2) The release 3.0 has been successfully compiled with K&R cc and GNU gcc compilers. The full alliance package can now run on SPARC, LINUX and DEC architectures.


The release ALLIANCE 3.0 contains six separate tutorials:

1/ ADDACCU The design of a very simple chip (adder/accumulator) to get started with the ALLIANCE tools (about 500 transistors).

2/ AMD2901 The design of the 4 bits AMD2901 processor, from the VHDL spe- cification to the GDSII layout, using the ALLIANCE portable standard cell library (about 3000 transistors).

3/ DLX The design of the 32 bits DLX microprocessor (HENNESSY & PAT- TERSON) from the VHDL specification to the GDSII layout, using the ALLIANCE data-path compiler and logic synthesis tools (about 30000 transistors).

4/ FPGA The synthesis of a simple circuit on Xilinx FPGA (Field Prog- rammable Gate Array). The produced cirucit uses 20 CLBs.

5/ Synthesis Tools Different levels of synthesis and optimization (Finite State Machine synthesis, logic synthesis, logic and net-list optimi- zations) are covered by this tutorial.

6/ Data Path Building simple data paths using the data path compiler FPGEN and the data path router DPR.

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