54 OCEAN, a sea-of-gates design system

(from Patrick Groeneveld <ocean@donau.et.tudelft.nl>)

About OCEAN: the sea-of-gates design system
+ Available for free, including all source code.
+ Short learning curve making it suitable for student design courses.
+ Hierarchical (full-custom-like) layout style on sea-of-gates.
+ Powerful tools for placement, routing, simulation and extraction.
+ Any combination of automatic and interactive manual layout.
+ OCEAN can handle even the largest designs.
+ Running on popular HP, Sun and 386/486 PC machines, easy
+ Includes three sea-of-gates images with libraries and a
  200,000 transistor sea-of-gates chip.
+ Can be easily adapted to arbitrary images with any number of layers.
+ Interface programs for other tools and systems (SIS, cadence, etc.)
+ Robust and 'combat-proven', used by hundreds of people.
How to retrieve OCEAN and additional documentation? ---------------------------------------------------

The entire OCEAN system is available for free via anonymous ftp, gopher or on tape. A powerful installation script is included, so you can get started very quickly without hacking up the code. You can retrieve OCEAN and additional documentation via:

anonymous ftp: <URL:ftp:donau.et.tudelft.nl:pub/ocean>
gopher:        olt.et.tudelft.nl (port 70) or use the path
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Patrick Groeneveld or Paul Stravers
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