51 Nelsis Cad Framework

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Release 4.3 is the latest version of the Nelsis IC Design System. It contains a CAD framework that puts a substantial added-value under the fingertips of the designer by organizing the design information and keeping track of the design evolution. It permits integration of tools of different origin and achieves run-time efficiency. The framework is based on intelligent management of meta data on top of the actual design descriptions; it administers high level information about the design activities and the structure and status of the design, rather than operating at the level of the detailed design descriptions.

The framework services, such as flow management, version management, concurrency control and state management, have been implemented on top of the meta data management module. The framework controls access to the design objects and administers meta data by performing OTO-D queries. Tools operate on top of the framework via the Data Management Interface, obtaining access to the design data according to a nested transaction schema.

The Nelsis CAD Framework is available, together with a set of design tools for demonstration purposes, through anonymous ftp from <URL:ftp://dutente.et.tudelft.nl/pub/nelsis> .

Release 4.6.1 is now available. More information on NELSIS can be found on WWW at <URL:http://www.ddtc.dimes.tudelft.nl/docs-4.6/docs.html>

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