5 What tools are used to layout verification?


Gemini is a graph isomorphism tool for comparing circuit wirelists. The latest version of Gemini is 2.7 and is now available by FTP from shrimp.cs.washington.edu ( Note: Gemini is not available by anonymous FTP. Send email to Larry McMurchie (larry@cs.washington.edu) if you need the FTP login and password for Gemini.

Version 2.7 includes a new SIM file format to support four-terminal MOS transistors. This format is called 'LBL' and was inspired by Mario Aranha at Lawrence Berkeley Labs. Also some minor bugs have been fixed concerning portability. The user guide 'gemuser.ps' has been updated to reflect the changes to the code.

Gemini compiles and runs on a wide variety of architectures, including Sparc, Mips, DEC AXP, HP, KSR, Intel i860, MC 68020 and VAX, under both Classic C and ANSI C compliant compilers. As the number of architectures continues to expand, new portability problems are revealed. Please keep us informed if you encounter any portability problems or bugs.


Larry McMurchie
Computer Science Department, FR-35
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195
Tanner LVS:

This is a relatively inexpensive commercial product, see the section on Tanner tools.


(from MUG) ftp ftp.mosis.edu (


Part of the caltech tools (see the "Caltech VLSI CAD Tools" section)

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