45 SIMIC, a full-featured logic verification simulator.

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SIMIC is a full-featured logic verification simulator. It has been demonstrated that SIMIC can uncover a number of critical design errors that other simulators miss. SIMIC has shown superior accuracy and throughput when compared to competitive products. Here are some of SIMIC's important features:

- Mixed-mode simulation allows the free intermixture of true bilateral switches (ideal and resistive), gate, plus functional level built-in and user defined primitives.

- A wide variety of output, whose detail, content and format are, to large extent, user defined.

- A large repetoire of simulation options and controls that can be applied interactively, or in batch operation, and simplify trouble-shooting of your design.

- Automated Test equipment emulation, allows debugging test programs using SIMIC troubleshooting techniques.

- Sophisticated hazard analysis including: Spike, Pulse, Conflict, Oscillation, Setup, Hold, Pulse-width, Near (what-if) detection, among others. Hazard propagation is also supported.

The student version of SIMIC is limited to a maximum of 500 elements (parts). In all other respects it is the same program as the commercial offering. The PC student version requires a 386 or better and at least 2 Meg of memory. Both a DPMI and a VCPI version are included in the package. Both versions require EMS *NOT* be disabled. SIMIC is also available on Sun and other platforms.

The latest version is 1.02.00. The changes from revision 1.00.04 are:

Bug Fixes:
     - Rams properly handled by circuit compiler.
     - BTG (Ideal switches) compiled correctly with dynamic delays.
     - By-name pin connections accepted by circuit compiler.
     - JK Flip-flop timing checks can now be disabled.
     - Reduction in storage requirements for small RAMS.
     - Fault Sensitization analysis added.
     - Fault Simulation and grading added.
The latest version is: <URL:ftp://ftp.njcc.com/pub/genashor/simoc/msdos/simic.zip>

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