43 LateX circuit symbols for schematic generation

(From Adrian Johnstone <adrian@cs.rhbnc.ac.uk>)

A set of circuit schematic symbols are available for use in LaTeX picture mode. The set includes all basic logic gates in four orientations, FETs, power supply pins, transmission gates, capacitors, resistors and wiring T-junctions. All pins are on a 1mm grid and the symbols are designed to be easily used with Georg Horn's TeXcad program: we even supply you with a palette picture file that displays all 52 symbols in a compact grid that you can cut and paste from within TeXcad. Each symbol lives in its own .mac file and is defined as a 'savebox' so as to reduce memory consumption. You must add the [bezier] option to your 'documentstyle' command. A small manual is provided in both Postscript and .dvi forms. The files lcircuit.zip and lcircuit.tar are available for anonymous ftp from ftp://cscx.cs.rhbnc.ac.uk/pub/lcircuit ( I will also be uploading them to various ftp servers in the coming week.

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