40 T-SpiceTM (was CAzM), a Spice-like table-based analog circuit simulator

(From William R. Richards Jr. <richards@mcnc.org>)

CAzM is a Spice-like table-based analog circuit simulator. It offers significant performance advantages over other Berkeley Spice derivatives. It is used fairly extensively in our design community. US university license is $175, non-US $250. Commercial license is $800. It comes with an X11- based signal viewing tool Sigview which is public domain and may be anonymous ftp'd from mcnc.org. I am the primary contact for CAzM at MCNC.

(Contact sales@tanner.com)

The CAzM program that was developed and offered by MCNC, has been licensed for distribution by Tanner Research, Inc. of Pasadena, CA and all future product availability and support is available from Tanner Research. The program as offered by Tanner Research is a commercial product and is now named T-Spice. This Spice-like simulator offers table-based model evaluations for fast simulation performance, as well as, included analytical models for use with digital and analog circuits. Improvements to the CAzM models have also been made. Tanner Research offers an optional Advance Model Library of charged controlled models that includes an accurate, physically-based MOSFET model that is continuous over all transistor regions of operations (including subthreshold), and scales to submicron channel lengths. User defined models of any custom component or circuit written in "C" can be readily linked to T-Spice as a general n-terminal device. Pricing is $995 for the simulator and $1,245 with the Advance Model Library and Waveform Viewer. Universities are offered a 75% discount. A modeling and extraction service is also provided by Tanner Research to generate functional or transistor level circuit simulation models for user supplied devices. The extraction service provides extracted model parameters for existing circuit simulation models, such as SPICE models, Tanner's own charge controlled MOS models, or user's proprietary models. In addition, software is available to aid users in extracting model parameters in house. For more information contact Bhushan Mudbhary at Tanner Research (bhushan @ tanner.com), phone 818-792-3000 and fax 818-792-0300.

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