36 Test Software based on Abramovici Text:

(Contributed by Mel Breuer of the Univ. of Southern California)

Many faculty are using the text by Abramovici, Breuer, and Fried- man entitled "Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design" in a class on testing. They have expressed an interest to supplement their course with software tools. At USC we have developed such a suite of tools. They include a good value simulator, fault simulator, fault collapsing module, and D-algorithm-based ATPG module for combinational logic. The software has been specifi- cally designed to be easily understood, modified and enhanced. The algorithms follow those described in the text. The software can be run in many modes, such as one module at a time, single step, interactively or as a batch process. Students can use the software "as is" to study the operation of the various algo- rithms, e.g. simulation of a latch using different delay models. Also, simple programming projects can be given, such as extend the simulator from a 3-valued system to a 5-valued system; or change the D-algorithm so that it only does single path sensiti- zation. There are literally over 50 interesting software enhancements that can be made by changing only a small part of the code. The system is written in C and runs on a SUN.

If you are currently using the Abramovici text and would like a copy of this software, please send a message to Prof. Melvin Breuer at mb@poisson.usc.edu.

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