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(From Phil Munro <FC138001@ysub.ysu.edu>)

This posting will give the interested person some information about the WATAND (WATerloo ANalysis and Design) circuit simulator. Watand was introduced at the 16th Midwest Symposium on Circuit Theory (1973). In spite of its lack of advertising, Watand still offers some advantages when compared with other well known circuit simulators. For example it is a *truly* interactive simulator; that is, one enters the "WATAND" environment in which analyses and design can be run and rerun, values changed, settings queried and changed, etc.

Watand uses piecewise-linear as its primary simulation; other methods are optional. It has ten built-in analyses which include the standard dc, ac, and transient analyses, and two post-processors (display and discrete Fourier). Output may be in the form of printed tables; graphics display includes Tektronix 40xx output. At YSU interactive helps are also available.

Watand provides for the creation and use of user defined elements in addition to its own good stock of 34 built-in elements plus 21 built-in user defined elements. User defined analyses and post-processors can also be written, and it includes a powerful macro facility.

As of June, 1992, sale of the Watand simulator was still being handled by Mark O'Leavey, Waterloo Engineering Software, 22 King St. S., Suite 302, Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA, N2L 1C6, Fax: (519) 746-7931; Phone: (519) 741-8097. At that time I was informed that it was available only for DECStation and Sparcstation, although we are running it quite successfully at YSU under the CMS operation system on an Amdahl mainframe.

Two new and helpful manuals are available for the simulator. They should be available at the Youngstown State University Bookstore, Youngstown, OHio 44555: Their approximate cost should be $7 each:

"WATAND Users Manual," by Dr. Phil Munro, Youngstown State
University, April 1992, 233 pages, 10 chapters, 4 appendices,
"WATAND Introduction and Examples," by Dr. Phil Munro, Youngstown
State Unversity, June 1992, 204 pages, 12 chapters, index.

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