30 PSpice:

This is a commercial product, however, they do have a student version that is available (limited to around 16 transistors).

PC dos version 5.0a:
PC windows3 version 5.1:
Mac version 5.1:

(from Jonathan Layes <layes@qucis.queensu.ca>)

An evaluation version of PSpice 6.0 for DOS and Windows 3.1 is now available.

PC dos version 6.0:
PC windows3.1 version 6.0:
PC explode disk:

(from Richard Nekus<ao387@freenet.carleton.ca>)

Evaluation versions of the circuit simulator and schematic editor are available with the following limitations:

These device limitations apply:
  - 64 analog nodes
  - or, 10 transistors (any combinationn of B, M, Q, or J devices)
  - or, 2 opamps
  - or, 10 transmission lines (up to 4 coupled)
  - or, 65 digital primitive devices
  - or, logic output transitions limited to 10000
  - or, logic expression primitives limited to 36 I/O pins
  - or, any combination of the above (which will result in a
        lower allowable number of each)
Additional limitations include:
  - device characterization for diodes only
  - stimulus generation for sine waves only
  - libraries with approximately 22 analog and 140 digital parts
  - synthesis of up to 3rd order filters
Schematic Editor limitations include:
  - 1 schematic page (unlimited hierarchy)
  - up to 25 parts on a page
  - A-size page only
  - up to 20 user-defined symbols
  - no printing from within the Symbol Editor
  - no export/import of symbols
  - number of Symbol Library files that can be loaded is limited
	to the total number shipped plus one
Netlister limitations include:
  - up to 70 real devices for PSpice A/D netlists
  - up to 50 symbols, before packaging, for PCB layout netlists
The following files are needed (use password 'anonymous':
A version for windows is also available. Read
to determine the necessary files.

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