3 Tips and tricks for magic (Version 6.3)

Searching for nets:

Yes, magic does actually let you search for node names. Use :specialopen netlist. Then click on the box underneath label, you will be prompted for the name of the label you want to search for. Enter the name, and then press enter twice. Click on show, and then find, magic will then highlight the net.

Bulk node extraction:

Problems with getting the bulk node to extract correctly? Try labeling the well with the node name that it is connected to.

Painting Wells:

Supposedly :cif in magic will automatically paint in the wells correctly. However this is not always the case. If you are using mosis 2u technology, and your wells are getting strange notches in them, you might try changing the grow 300 shrink 300 lines in your lambda=1.0(pwell) and lambda=1.0(nwell) cif sections of your tech file to grow 450 shrink 450. (Remember you can use :cif see CWN to see nwell, if :cifostyle is nwell, or :cif see CWP to see pwell if its pwell technology to preview what will be done with the well. You may use :feedback clear to erase what it shows you.)

Magic notes available from ftp://gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/DEC/magic/notes (

Magic note.1 - 9/14/90 - ANNOUNCEMENT:  Magic V6 is ready
Magic note.2 - 9/19/90 - DOC:  Doc changes (fixed in releases after 9/20/90)
Magic note.3 - 9/19/90 - GRAPHICS:  Mode problem (fixed 9/20/90)
Magic note.4 - 9/19/90 - HPUX:  rindex macro for HPUX 7.0 and later
Magic note.5 - 9/19/90 - GCC:  "gcc" with magic, one user's experience
Magic note.6 - 9/19/90 - FTP:  Public FTP area for Magic notes
Magic note.7 - 9/20/90 - RSIM:  Compiling rsim, one user's suggestions & hints
Magic note.8 - 9/26/90 - GENERAL:  Magic tries to open bogus directories
Magic note.9 - 9/26/90 - GRAPHICS:  Mods to X11Helper
Magic note.10 - 10/5/90 - DOS:  Magic V4 for DOS and OS/2
Magic note.11 - 10/11/90 - GENERAL:  reducing memory usage by 600k
Magic note.12 - 12/19/90 - EXT2xxx:  fixes bogus resistances
Magic note.13 - 12/19/90 - EXTRESIS:  fixed bug in resis that caused coredump.
Magic note.14 - 12/19/90 - EXTRESIS:  new version of scmos.tech for extresis
Magic note.15 - 12/19/90 - TECH:  documentation for contact line in tech file
Magic note.16 - 12/19/90 - EXTRACT:  bug fix to transistor attributes
Magic note.17 - 5/13/91 - CALMA:  Incorrect arrays in calma output
Magic note.18 - 5/14/91 - CALMA:  Extension to calma input
Magic note.19 - 6/28/91 - IRSIM:  Some .prm files for IRSIM
Magic note.20 - 7/18/91 - EXTRESIS:  fixes for Magic's extresis command
Magic note.21 - 2/7/92 - FAQ:  Frequently asked questions
Magic note.22 - 11/6/91 - CALMA:  how to write a calma tape
Magic note.23 - 11/4/91 - EXT2xxx:  fix for incorrect resistor extraction
Magic note.24 - 11/8/91 - EXTRESIS:  fix 0-ohm resistors
Magic note.25 - 11/15/91 - NEXT:  porting magic to the NeXT machine
Magic note.26 - 11/21/91 - IRSIM:  fix for hanging :decay command
Magic note.27 - 12/17/91 - RESIS:  fix for "Attempt to remove node ..." error
Magic note.28 - 1/28/92 - MAGIC:  anonymous FTP now available
Magic note.29 - 3/27/92 - PLOT:  support for Versatec 2700
Magic note.30 - 4/8/92 - PATHS:  Have the ":source" command follow a path
Magic note.31 - 4/10/92 - MPACK:  Mpack now works with Magic 6.3
Magic note.32 - 3/13/92 - AED:  Using AED displays with Magic 6.3
Magic note.33 - 3/13/92 - OPENWINDOWS:  Compilation for OpenWindows/X11
Magic note.34 - 2/14/92 - OPENWINDOWS:  fix mouse problem
Magic note.35 - 8/27/92 - RS6000: diffs to get magic to run on RS6000

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