29 Magic (Current version 6.5):

This is a polygon based lsi layout editor. It is capable of reading and writing magic, calma (version 3.0, corresponding to GDS II Release 5.1), and cif. It is available for anonymous ftp from ftp://gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/DEC/magic .

Linux versions of magic are available from the standard linux mirror archives, such as ftp://dorm.rutgers.edu/pub/linux/sources/usr.bin.X11/ []:

Magic 6.4 is a minor update of magic. It includes the patches from the 6.3 notes series, as well as ports to Digital's Alpha AXP OSF/1 workstations (courtesy of Stefanos Sidiropoulos) and to Linux on a PC (courtesy of Harold Levy).

This release includes an updated copy (version 9.2) of Stanford's Irsim program, as well as scmos tech files (version 8.0.0) from MOSIS.

The easiest way to get magic is via the World Wide Web:

(from Tom Burd <burd@eecs.berkeley.edu>)

If you have layout you can extract, try using irsim-cap, a modified version of irsim. switched level simulation gives results close to spice (within 20% for certain (rail-to-rail) circuits... CMOS, nora, domino, etc. stuff like CPL, some differential logic styles, etc. gives irsim problems in its estimation). And it is _much_ faster than SPICE. We simulate upwards of 100k xsistor chips, but it takes a good CPU and lots of memory. You can download such: <URL:ftp://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/pub/irsim-cap.tar.Z>

(from comp.lsi.cad)

Newer versions of magic (6.5) and irsim (9.4) are now available through the magic web page:

New versions of ext2sim and ext2spice.
Cif/Calma enhancements
DRC enhancements
Some new commands.
The latest version of the mosis technology file. 
The system has been compiled and tested in a number of systems (solaris, irix, ultrix, linux, sunos, hpux to name a few). However the usuall disclaimers about the no-maintenance mode apply: I can't promise that I will fix any bugs (which I am sure that exist) but I will do my best.

Comments and bug reports/patches should be posted to the magic hypermail archive: magic-hypermail@pa.dec.com

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