28 Another PCB Layout Package:

(from Randy Nevin <randyn@microsoft.com>:)

I am distributing a freely-copyable printed circuit board (pcb) autorouting software package called PCBCAD. It runs on PC-compatible computers, and requires EGA resolution. All source code is included. It contains: a "ratnest" viewer, autorouters for 1- and 2-layer boards, a board viewer, hard copy output programs for hp laserjet and postscript printers, and a DXF converter (autocad). For more background on autorouting, see the related article published in the September 1989 Dr. Dobb's Journal. In a nutshell, what you do is create an ascii file which describes your circuit, feed it to the autorouter, and the circuit will be routed for you. To receive the programs, send a stamped, self-addressed floppy mailer and a floppy to:

Randy Nevin,
24135 SE 16th PL
Issaquah, WA 98029, USA
internet: randyn@eskimo.com. 

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