23 Lager (Current version 4.0):

(From MUG 18)

The LAGER system is a set of CAD tools for performing parameterized VLSI design with a slant towards DSP applications (but not limited to DSP applications). A standard cell library, datapath library, several module generators and several pad libraries comprise the cell library. These tools and libraries have originated from UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Mississippi State, and ITD. The tool development has been funded by DARPA under the Rapid Prototyping Contract headed by Bob Brodersen (UC Berkeley). LAGER 3.0 was described in MUG 15.

Send email to reese@erc.msstate.edu if you are interested in obtaining the toolset via FTP. If you cannot get the distribution via ftp then send one 1/4" 600 ft. tape OR an 8 mm tape (Exabyte compatible) to Bob Reese by phone at (601)-325-3670 or at one of the following addresses:

(US Mail Address)
P.O. Box 6176
Mississippi State, MS 39762
2 Research Boulevard
Starkville, MS 39759
Be sure to include a return FEDEX waybill we can use to ship your tape back to you. Instead of sending a tape and FEDX waybill, you can also just send us a check for $75 and we will send you back a tape. Make the check payable to Mississippi State Univ. The tape will be written on a high density tape drive (150 Mb). Older low density SUN tape drives (60 Mb) cannot read this format so you need to have access to one of SUN's newer tape drives.

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