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What is Ptolemy: ---------------

Ptolemy provides a highly flexible foundation for the specification, simulation, and rapid prototyping of systems. It is an object oriented framework within which diverse models of computation can co-exist and interact. For example, using Ptolemy a data-flow system can be easily connected to a hardware simulator which in turn may be connected to a discrete-event system, etc. Because of this, Ptolemy can be used to model entire systems.

Ptolemy also has code generation capabilities. From a flow graph description, Ptolemy can generate C code and DSP assembly code for rapid prototyping. Ptolemy can also generate Silage and VHDL descriptions for hardware synthesis.

Ptolemy has been used for a broad range of applications including signal processing, telecomunications, parallel processing, wireless communications, network design, radio astronomy, real time systems, and hardware/software co-design. Ptolemy has also been used as a lab for signal processing and communications courses. Currently Ptolemy has hundreds of users in over 100 sites, both in industry and academia.

Ptolemy is available for the Sun 4 (sparc), DecStation (MIPS), and HP (HP-PA) architectures. Installing the system requires 90 Mbytes for Ptolemy (more if you optionally remake). Ptolemy also requires at least 8 Mbytes of physical memory.

Getting the New Release: -----------------------

Ptolemy is available via anonymous ftp at: ftp://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/pub/README This site contains the entire Ptolemy distribution, a postscript version of the Ptolemy manual, and several Ptolemy papers.

For those unfamiliar with anonymous ftp, here's what you need to do:
1.   FTP to Internet host "ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu"  (
2.   Login as "anonymous"; use your full email address as the password
3.   cd pub
4.   get the README file and follow its instructions.
Organizations without Internet FTP capability can obtain Ptolemy
without support from ILP:
        EECS/ERL Industrial Liaison Program Office
        Software Distribution
	205 Cory Hall
        University of California, Berkeley
        Berkeley, CA 94720
        (510) 643-6687
	email: ilpsoftware@eecs.berkeley.edu

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