21 Octtools (Current version 5.1)

(From the ANNOUNCE-5.1 that comes with it)

Octtools is a collection of programs and libraries that form an integrated system for IC design. The system includes tools for PLA and multiple-level logic synthesis, state assignment, standard-cell, gate-matrix and macro-cell placement and routing, custom-cell design, circuit, switch and logic-level simulation, and a variety of utility programs for manipulating schematic, symbolic, and geometric design data. Most tools are integrated with the Oct data manager and the VEM user interface.

The software requires UNIX, the window system X11R4 including the Athena Widget Set. The design manager VOV and a few other tools require the C++ compiler g++.

Octtools-5.1 have been built and tested on the following combinations of machines and operating systems: DECstation 3100, 5000 running Ultrix 4.1 and 4.2; DEC VAX running Ultrix 4.1 and 4.2; Sun 3 and 4 running OS 4.0 and Sun SparcStation running OS 4.0. The program has been tried on the following machines, but is not supported: Sequent Symmetry, IBM RS/6000 running AIX 3.1.

To obtain a copy of Octtools 5.1 (8mm, tk50, or 1/4inch cartridge QIC150) and a printed copy of the documentation) for a $250 distribution charge, see section on Berkeley ILP.

Questions may be directed to octtools@ic.eecs.berkeley.edu.

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