2 Improved spice listing from magic.

Hierarchical extractions with net names: ext2spice done by Andy Burstein <burstein@eecs.berkeley.edu>:

This program will do hierarchial extraction using node names. It supports PS, PD, AS, and AD extraction as well. It is available for ftp from ftp://ic.eecs.berkeley.edu/pub/spice3/ext2spice.tar .

Poly and well resistance extraction: There are persistent rumors that people have this working, however, all I have seen is extracted poly resistor with each end shorted together, ie each end has the same node name/number.

(This is the most annoying problem that I typically encounter daily. If ANYONE knows a fix for this, please tell us! I wrote a real quick and dirty set of scripts/programs to edit the magic file. It will break the poly contacts and relabel them. This is a real hack, but all other solutions require modification of the magic code itself. This procedure only works with an extractor that handles labeled nodes, i.e. ext2spice from above. --WH)

Spice listing from magic with MESFETs.

(from Jen-I Pi <pi@isi.edu>)

We have a revised version (of sim2spice) that goes with version6. It is available from our anonymous FTP host "ftp://ftp.mosis.edu/pub/mosis/magic/gaas_extract.tar.Z" (

Assuming file inv.ext exist, the procedure for using 'sim2spice' is

    ext2sim inv
    sim2spice inv.sim
Here's the resulting SPICE decks for SPICE3e...

SPICE 3 Deck created from inv.sim, tech=edgaas
z2 3 4 2 efet1.2 2.8
C3 3 0    0.485F
C4 4 0    1.062F
z1 1 4 3 dfet1.2 2.8
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