19 What Berkeley Tools are available through ILP?

(From MUG 20 Contributed by Carol Block of U. C. Berkeley)

A new version of the popular circuit simulator, Spice3F2, is now available from the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) Office at the University of California, Berkeley. A new release of Octtools will be forthcoming in 1993. Enclosed is a list of software distributed by this office.

Adore, BBL.2, Berkeley Building-Block Layout System, Berkeley Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, Parameter Extraction Program for BSIM, Parameter Extraction for BSIM2, Bear-FP, Bert, BLIS, Spice 2G with BSIM Implementation, Cider, Ditroff/Gremlin, Ecstasy, EDIF 2 0 0, Elogic, ES1:Electrostatis 1-Dimensional Periodic Plasma, Franz Lisp, Glitter, IBC: Traveling-Wave-Tube Simulation, IEEE-754 Test Vector, Jsim, Jspice, Lanso, Magic-X11R3-Patch, Magic 1990 Decwrl/Livermore Release, Mahjong, Mighty, Octtools, Parmex Pix-Parmex, Plasma Device Simulation Codes, PLA Tools, Proteus, Ptolemy, Relax, Ritual, Sample, Sample-3D, Additional SAMPLE Documentation, Simpl-IPX and Simpl System 5, SIS, SPAM, Sparse, Spectre, Spice 2G6, Spice 3F2, Additional SPICE Documentation, Splat, Splice 3.0, Supercrystal, SWEC, Tempest, TimberWolf 3.2, Tsize, 1986 VLSI Tools, Wombat.

Within a few weeks, a new catalog will be available via anonymous FTP. Users will also be able to obtain forms, ordering instruc- tions and some software via this means. Generally, recipients will have to complete an Agreement Form and pay a documentation and handling fee of about $250 per program.

ILP can now distribute most of its programs in a variety of media, including: QIC-120, QIC-150, QIC-320, 8mm (2.2 gig), TK 50 (DEC tape format), 9-track 1600 bpi and 9-track 6250 bpi. Visa and Mastercard orders will be accepted on-line by 1993. Most of the software may be freely redistributed either within an organi- zation or to other organizations, both within the United States and abroad, subject to the certain restrictions, including all U.S. Government restrictions, particularly those concerning ex- port.

(from blurb+ftp, in the ILP distribution)

If you have access to ftp, then the tape is free (you just get to suck it over by yourself) and you have to remember to print out the docs yourself too. The usual anonymous ftp rules:

Name:    ftp://ic.eecs.berkeley.edu/edif
I have a port of the system for SysV, Apollo and HP machines as well which is available on request. Most of these operating systems are mature enough now to work directly with Release 7.6. The system has been ported to other non-Unix machines such as VMS, the mac, and various mainframe architectures; these latter being a nontrivial effort on the part of the individuals involved, but it was accomplished. I do not have these ports; I just know that they are possible because they have been performed by others.

For additional information, contact:
     Industrial Liaison Program
     205 Cory Hall
     Software Distribution Office
     University of California at Berkeley
     Berkeley, CA  94720
     TEL: (510) 643-6687
     FAX: (510) 643-6694

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