17 What free tools are there available, and what can they do?

(This section can be viewed as a cross reference to the detailed description of software that follows.)

Analog VLSI and Neural Systems: Caltech VLSI CAD Tools
Automated place and route: octtools, Lager
Digital design environment: Galaxy CAD
Lsi (polygon) schematic capture: magic, octtools(vem)
Layout Verification: caltech tools (netcmp), gemini (Washington
Univerity), wellchk (MUG)
PCB auto/manual place and route: PADS pcb, PCB (Just for testing lsi
designs, of course :)
Simulation: irsim(comes with magic), esim, pspice, isplice3, watand,
switcap2.Synthesis:octtools , blis, Lager, item, (see section on synthesis)
Standard schematic capture: PADS logic, PSPICE for windows

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