14 Converting from/to GDSII/CIF/Magic

Magic version 6.3 is capable of reading and writting to all three formats. (From the magic man page):

calma [option] [args]

This command is used to read and write files in Calma GDS II Stream format (version 3.0, corresponding to GDS II Release 5.1). This format is like CIF, in that it describes physical mask layers instead of Magic layers. In fact, the technology file specifies a correspondence between CIF and Calma layers. The current CIF output style (see cif ostyle) controls how Calma stream layers are generated from Magic layers.

(from Jeffrey C. Gealow <jgealow@mtl.mit.edu>)

Calma Company sold their electronics CAD/CAM software (GDS II) to Valid Logic Systems which later merged with Cadence.

Cadence has added a few extensions. A Cadence document is almost identical to the old Calma Company document:

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Construct Stream Format
Version 4.0
August 1991
An overview of the Stream format is included in Rubin's book:

  author = "Steven M. Rubin",
  title = "Computer Aids for {VLSI} Design",
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cif [option] [args]

Read or write files in Caltech Intermediate Form (CIF).

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