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If your simulation won't converge for a given DC input, you can ramp the input and print the DC operating point and then set the nodes that way for future simulations.

A number of documents are available for information on BSIM model parameters: (from Mark Johnson, as posted to comp.lsi <mjohnson@netcom.com>)

The very best written description I have seen is in a software manual. The good news is that this manual is free; the bad news is that you have to buy the multi-thousand-dollar program in order to get the free manual. The program is HSPICE from Meta-Software Inc (Campbell, Calif., USA). The HSPICE User's Manual, chapter 7, gives all the details you'd ever want to know regarding BSIM parameters.


The second best description I have seen of BSIM is in, strangely enough, a manual for BSIM2 (!). It is available from the University of California at Berkeley. Telephone (510)-643-6687 and they will give you instructions on how to buy the manual. (They'll probably suggest that you might want to buy some software too).

J.S. Duster, M.C. Jeng, P.K. Ko, and C. Hu, "Users
Guide for the BSIM2 Parameter Extraction Program and
the SPICE3 with BSIM Implementation"

You can learn some things about BSIM parameters by reading about programs which extract the parameters from measured data. UC Berkeley offers several programs and manuals for this. The one that I personally prefer is

M.C. Jeng, B.J. Sheu, and P.K. Ko: "BSIM Parameter
Extraction - Algorithms and User's Guide," Memo
No. UCB/ERL M85/79, 7 October 1985.

Next, look at Sheu's Ph.D. thesis. He is the guy who combined the Bell Labs CSIM model with a bunch of other published equations, and formulated BSIM. It's available from the same phone number.

B.J. Sheu, "MOS Transistor Modelling and Characterization
for Circuit Simulation", Memo No. UCB/ERL M85/85,
26 October 1985

The worst description (in +my+ opinion of course) is unfortunately in the most-accessible publication. To save space in the journal they left out some parameter discussions and (again in my opinion) produced a disjointed, not-fully- informative paper. Others may have different views, naturally.

B.J. Sheu, D.L. Scharfetter, P-K Ko, M-C Jeng, "BSIM:
Berkeley Short-Channel IGFET Model for MOS Transistors,"
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol SC-22, No. 4,
August 1987, pp. 558-565.

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