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I am looking for 2, mature, motivated and creative PhD candidates that have maintained excellent GPA equivalent to an A, preferably with a Masters Degree, with strong academic credentials.

I prefer background in the EE areas of Statistical Signal Processing, Networks, Information Theory, Control Theory. Ideal candidates should be interested in doing research that expands their horizons in one of these two areas:

  1. Studying fundamental problems in modeling Power Delivery Systems for sustainable solutions;
  2. Learning, optimization and signal pressing in multi-agent networks.

I will consider also favorably students with CE background in Cyber Security or in Computer Networks and Algorithms.

In terms of personality, I am looking for students that are sincerely interested in defining new problems, like to solve puzzles and to think outside the box.

I work well with a number of different personalities. Inclination towards theory, or implementation based on rigorous design principles, are equally valued. Ambition and optimism are a real plus.

PhD studies are best for those who are able to consider research as the end and not the mean.