Curriculum Vitae of Anna Scaglione

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Professional Profile


Università di Roma "La Sapienza" - Rome, Italy
Doctor of Philosophy
Università di Roma "La Sapienza" - Rome, Italy
Laurea Degree. Graduated magna cum laude


April 2010 to Present
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Davis, CA (USA)
Full Professor
July 2008 to April 2010
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Davis, CA (USA)
Associate Professor
July 2008 to April 2010
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Davis, CA (USA)
Associate Professor
July 2006 to July 2008
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Cornell University - Ithaca, NY (USA)
Associate Professor
July 2001 to July 2006
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Cornell University - Ithaca, NY (USA)
Assistant Professor
August 2000/ June 2001
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM (USA)
Assistant Professor
March 1999/ May 2000
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN (USA)
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Sabbatical Appointments

December 2006 to present (sabbatical)
Center for Neuroscience & Courant Institute, NYU
Visiting Scholar
September-December 2006 (sabbatical)
Audiovisual Communications Laboratory, I&C Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL
Visiting Professor

Honors and Awards

2013 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award, won by my PhD student Lin Li
For the paper by Lin Li, Anna Scaglione, and Jonathan Manton, "Distributed Principal Subspace Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks" IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Volume: 5, No. 4, August 2011.
2013 Outstanding Mid-Career Faculty Award, College of Engineering UC Davis
2013 IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize Paper Award
For the paper coauthored with S. Galli and Z. Wang, "For the Grid and through the Grid: the role of powerline communications in Smartgrid" in the special issue "Smart Grid: The Electric Energy System of the Future," Proceedings of the IEEE , vol.99, no.6, pp.913-914, June 2011.
Fellow of IEEE, 2011
2005 Ellersick Best Paper Award (MILCOM 2005)
for the paper co-authored with Y. W. Hong, Rajit Manohar and Birsen Sirkeci Mergen, entitled "Dense networks are also energy efficient: when more is less.".
2005 Best paper for Young Authors of the Taiwan IEEE Comsoc/Information theory section
Co-author with Y. W. Hong, for the paper entitled "A Scalable Synchronization Protocol For Large Scale Sensor Networks And Its Applications", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, JSAC, Vol. 23, Issue 5, May 2005 pp. 1085 - 1099
2002 NSF Career Award
"Precoding for high bit rate wireless modems"
2000 IEEE Signal Processing Transactions Best Paper Award (in the Signal Processing for Communication area)
for the paper co-authored with G.B. Giannakis and S. Barbarossa "Redundant Filterbank Precoders and Equalizers Part I and II" Volume 47, No. 7, Page(s): 1988-2022, July 1999.


Current Research Interests

Sensor networks
Body area networks
Intelligent Infrastructure
Energy management and Smartgrid
RF Communications
Wireless relay networks analysis, network MIMO
Compressed sensing
Powerline, HF channel modeling and communication design
Network science
Gossiping protocols and network flows
Network control and consensus protocols
Voting model
Bio-inspired coordination, synchronization and access

Sponsors: Summary of External Funding

  • NSF CCF 247896 ($498,000) (PI, with Qing Zhao) “Online Learning and Exploitation of the Radio Frequency Spectrum with Sub-Nyquist Sampling Receivers”
  • UC Davis RISE ($300,000) (Co-PI with Karl Levitt, James Bushnell, Anna Scaglione, George Barnett, Nicole Biggart, Hao Chen) “Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructures”
  • NSF SaTC CCF-1229008 ($839,997) (Co-PI with Karl Levitt, Jeff Rowe, Paul Kesidis, Jim Bushnell) "TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Towards Securing Coupled Financial and Power Systems in the Next Generation Smart Grid"
  • DOE-Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (2011-2013) (208,991k$)(UC Davis –PI) "CEDS / Application of Cyber Security Techniques in the Protection of Efficient Cyber-Physical Energy Generation Systems,"
  • DOE-Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (2010-2013) (CERTS): The Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions: (297k$)(UC Davis –PI) “Operations and Markets Analysis Project 3D: Direct Load Management of Electric Vehicles”
  • DOE (2010-2015) (1m$) (Co-PI) "TCPIG: Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG)" part of the TCIPG center at the University of Illinois, including Dartmouth College, University of California at Davis, and Washington State University.
  • NSF (2010-2013) (290K$) (Co-PI with Ali Sayed, Christophe Chamley, Jose Moura and Stephen Pratt) "Cooperation and Learning over Cognitive Networks"
  • Welch Allyn (270K$) (2009-2011) )(Co-PI, with Alyssa Apsel and Rajit Manohar ) "Protocols for Data Exchange on Remote Sensing Platforms"
  • NSF (165K$) (2009-2012) (Co-PI, with Elza Erkip, Shiv Panwar, Yao Wang NYU-Poly)"Unlocking Capacity for Wireless Access Networks through Robust Cooperative Cross-Layer Design"
  • NSF (0834582): (2009 2011)(Co-PI, with Alyssa Apsel and Rajit Manohar 764 K$) "CSR-DMSS,TM: Distributed Computing With an Ad-Hoc Network"
  • NSF - CCF - Collaborative Research (0729074): (2008 2010)(Co-PI, with Tara Javidi and Kristi Morgensen 292K$) "New Communication Infrastructures For Networked Coordinated Control"
  • NeTS-ProWin -- COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH (0626751): (2006-2010) (PI, with M. Gastpar, J.N. Laneman & Z. Haas, $900,532) "A new taxonomy for cooperative wireless networking",
  • NSF - FMF CCF - 0514243 (2005-2008) (sole PI, 393,281$) "Scalable Scheduling and Transmission for Sensor Systems"
  • ONR - BAA 04-008 "MIMO Precoding and Multi-Node Diversity Enhancing the Range and Reliability of HF Transmission" (Co-PI, Phase I (2006-2007- 18 months): 160K$ to Cornell; Phase II (2007-2008- 18 months) 160K$ to Cornell) (PI S. Galli, Telcordia Tec. Inc., Co-PIs T. Banwell Telcordia Tec. Inc. and Lang Tong, Cornell U.) Phase III (2009-2010) 193K$ to Cornell.
  • NSF - ITR CCR- 042827(2004-2010) (Co-PI, 1,000,000$)"Activity-Driven Computing and Communication for Cooperative Distributed Networks" (co-Pi with Rajit Manohar, Cornell U.)
  • NSF Grant CCR-0431077 SGER (2004) (sole PI, 95K$): "Cooperative networks: a framework to derive scalable cross-layer designs"
  • NSF [Career Award] CCR-0133635 (2002-2005), (sole PI, 350K$): "Precoding for high bit rate wireless modems"
  • ONR DURIP (2002-2003) (Co-PI, 497K$)"Cornell Mobile Wireless and Sensor Network Test bed" funding to buy equipment for wireless networks experiments (with L. Tong (PI), R. Manohar and S. Servetto, Cornell U.)
  • NSF Grant CCR-0347514 SGER (2003) (sole PI, 75K$): "Scalable cooperative communications in adaptive large scale networks inspired by natural swarms"
  • NSF Grant CCR-0227676 SGER (2002) (PI, 99K$): "Routing and Data Compression" (with S. Servetto, Cornell U.)


Anna Scaglione has published over thirty refereed journals, two magazine articles and contributed a chapter to eight books in the communications and signal processing areas. She has published 110 conference papers with her coauthors. Conference papers published at Mobicom 2002, Incocom 2005 and ISPN 2006 and 2007 have archival value similar to journals since the papers are ten pages long and the acceptance rate is 10%.

Publication list


Prof. S. Barbarossa (University of Rome), Prof. G. B. Giannakis (University of Minnesota), Prof. S. Alouini (University of Minnesota), Prof. P. Stoica (University of Uppsala), Prof. Sergio Servetto (Cornell University), Prof. Mihaela Van der Schaar (UCLA), Prof. Pramod Varshney (Syracuse University), Prof. Sheila Hemami (Cornell U.), Prof. Lang Tong (Cornell U.), Prof. Dennis Goeckel, Prof. Nicholas Laneman, Prof. Francesco Verde (University of Naples), Prof. Elza Erkip (NYU poly), Prof. Tara Javidi (UC San Diego), Prof. Kristi Morgansen (U. of Washington).

Graduate Advisor: Prof. S. Barbarossa (University of Rome),
Postdoctoral Advisor: Prof. G. B. Giannakis (University of Minnesota)

Teaching Summary

Mentorship Record

Postdoctoral affiliates:

2013 to present: Dr. Masood Parvania

2008 to 2012: Dr. Zhifang Wang

2008 to 2010: Dr. Ramy Tannious

2007 to 2008: Dr. Tuncer Can Aysal

Graduate Students:

2013 to present: Reinhard Gentz, Hoi-To Wai

2009 to present: Mahnoosh Alizadeh, Saeed Bagheri

2005 to 2011: Matthew Sharp PhD in January 2011, thesis “ PILOT SIGNAL DESIGN FOR ESTIMATION OF SPARSE CHANNELS WITH APPLICATION TO COOPERATIVE SYSTEMS”), joined Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory



2001 to 2006: Azadeh Vosoughi, (PhD in May 2006, thesis "Tracking and Equalizing channels in communication systems and data compression") joined the faculty at the University of Rochester in September 2006.

2002 to 2006: Birsen Sirkeci (PhD in May 2006, thesis "Distributed Cooperative Communications in Large Scale Wireless Networks"), a Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Berkley in 2007, she joined the faculty at San Jose' University in September 2007.

2001 to 2005: Yao-Win-Hong (PhD in August 2005, thesis "Data Driven Communications for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks") joined the faculty at National Tsing Hua University - NTHU - in Taiwan),

Masters Students:

2008-2010: Stephen Lim (graduated in June 2010, UC Davis)

2001-2004: Atul Salhotra (graduated in January 2004, Cornell University)

2001-2003: Obianuju Ndili (graduated in August 2003, Cornell University)

2000-2001: Unal Sakoglu (graduated May 2001, University of New Mexico)

Masters of Engineering Students (one year degree)

graduated in May 2002: Gaelle Isabelle Protat, Rahul Kopikar, Francisco Rafael Bastistas

graduated in May 2003: Santiago Castillo, Luke Hejnar

graduated in August 2003: Dalia Burgos, Laura Hotca

graduated in Dicember 2003: Alan Tsui, Avik Sur

graduated in May 2005: Jade Lin

graduated in May 2006: Dennis Yueping Leung, Zheshen Zhuang


summer 2002: (Summer Project) Luke Hejnar, Yulin Wang

fall 2002: Honors Project Linda Pan, Olasubomi Oluwatobi Awe

spring 2003: Marvin Chan, Eng Hwa Leonard Lim, Zhi Wei Kam

summer 2003: Lih Feng Cheow, Chihiro Fukami, Aman Chawla

fall 2004: Aman Chawla

spring 2004: Lih Feng Cheow, Abhijeet Agarwal

fall 2005: Bibo Xu

spring 2006: Jeff Woodworth

fall 2007: Eric Alexander Jarva

Summer 2009: David Perkins, Jalal Elidrissi, Chaoyi Ye

Courses Taught

EEC 161 Probability
Offered at UC Davis-Spring Quarter 2009; Enrollment: 40 Students in 2009
EEC 265 Digital Communications
Offered at UC Davis—Spring Quarter 2009; Enrollment: 11 Students in 2010
EEC 289 Mobile Communications
Offered at UC Davis-Winter Quarter 2009; Enrollment: 11 Students in 2009
ECE 220 Signals and Systems
Offered at Cornell University-September-December 2007; Enrollment: 80 Students in 2007
ECE 567 EE 567 - Digital Communications
Offered at Cornell University--January-May 2006-2008; Enrollment: 20 Students in 2006, 10 Students in 2008
ECE 568 EE 568 - Mobile Communications
Offered at Cornell University---September-December 2001/January-May 2003-2004-2005
Enrollment: 11 Students 2001, 12 Students in 2003, 6 students in 2004, 6 students in 2005.
ECE 468- Telecommunication Systems II
Offered at Cornell University -- January- May 2002; Enrollment: 30 students
ECE 411 - Random Signals in Communications and Signal Processing
Offered at Cornell University August -December 2003, 2004 and 2005; Enrollement: 30 students in 2003, 32 students in 2004, 52 students in 2005
ENGRG 150 - Freshman Advising Seminar
Offered at Cornell University August -December 2005; Enrollement: 16 students
EE 595-091 - Digital Communications
Offered at the University of New Mexico --- September-December 2000; Enrollment: 5 Students
EE 595-011 - Spread Spectrum Communications
Offered at the University of New Mexico---January-May 2001; Enrollment: 10 Students
EE 3025 - Statistical methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Offered at the University of Minnesota --- June-August 2001; Enrollment: 26 Students

Service Activities

Service to Professional Societies

  • Member of the Smartgridcomm Steering Committee, 2010 to present
  • Co-Guest Editor of the Journal on Selected Areas in Signal Processing on "Network Gossiping Protocols, Design and Applications" with Mark Coates, Michael Gastpar, John Tsitsiklis and Martin Vetterli.
  • Technical Committee co-Chair for the Architectures and Models symposium at SmartgridComm 2011
  • Technical Committee co-Chair for the Architectures and Models symposium at SmartgridComm 2010
  • Technical Committee co-Chair for DCOSS 2010.
  • Area Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2010.
  • Associate Editor for: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing from 2008 to present and of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, from 2002 to 2005.
  • Co-Guest Editor of the Communication Magazine Special Issue on Power Line Communications "Broadband is Power: Internet Access through the Power Line Networks" , May 2003
  • General Co-chair of the IEEE workshop SPAWC 2005, New York City, June 05-08 2005
  • Member of the
  • IEEE Signal Processing for Communications Committee, since 2004
  • IEEE Power Line Communications Committee, from 2005-2006.
  • International Liason for the IEEE workshop SPAWC2004, Publicity Chair for the IEEE workshop SPAWC 2003, Registration Chair: ICASSP 2008.
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.
  • Technical Committee Member for the IEEE Conferences ICC2003, Globecom2004, SPAWC 2004, ICASSP 2004 and 2005, IPSN 2005, ICASSP 2005, ISPL 2005, Globecom 2005, WirelessCom 2005, ISPL 2006, ICC 2006, Globecom 2006, Basenet 2006, ISPN 2006, ICASSP 2006, WCNC 2006, ISPL 2007, ICC 2007, ICASSP 2007, ISIT2007, SPAWC2008, ICC2008, SPAWC 09, iCASSP '09, VTC'09, Eusipco'09, ICC2009, Globecom2009, Infocom'09.
  • NSF Panel reviewer for CISE, FMF, Nets, CRI, (in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006) , reviewer for ARO 2004-2006

University Service

UC Davis:


  • Member of the College Committee on Charge - Revenue Opportunities 2011-2012
  • Chair of the College of Engineering Undergraduate Development Committee 2011-2012
  • Member of the College of Engineering Undergraduate Development Committee 2010-2011
  • Member of the Telecom Advisory Board (TAB) 2008-2010


  • Member of the Events Committee, 2011
  • Member of the Undergraduate Program Committee, 2010-2011
  • Chair of the Outreach and Enrichment Committee, 2009
  • Member of the Merit and Promotion committee, 2009
  • Member of the Graduate Committee, 2009
  • Member of the Exam Committee, 2009

Cornell University:


  • Curriculum and Standards Committee, 2007
  • Member of the Hiring Committee in the Systems area and of the Manager Hiring Committee, 2006
  • Member of the General Hiring Committee, 2005
  • Member of the Graduate Committee, 2003-2004-2005

University of New Mexico:


  • Member of Faculty Search Committee, 2001


Instructor for the CURIE Academy, (one-week program for high school girls who excel in math and science)

Other Professional Activities


  • Fellow member of the IEEE and member of the ASEE

(Invited) Lectures

  • CTTC (Barcelona, Spain), Bluecommunication workshop, "Digital Direct Load Scheduling", June 2011.
  • CTTC (Barcelona, Spain), SmartGrid workshop, "Sensor networking on the power grid: opportunities and challenges" February 2011.
  • MIT LIDS Colloquium seminar speaker "Directional Gossiping" November 2010.
  • Keynote speaker of the conference of IEEE Workshop ISPLC 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 2010.
  • UC San Diego, "An avalanche of help: analyzing cooperative broadcast schemes in the limit", May 2009
  • Caltech, "An avalanche of help: analyzing cooperative broadcast schemes in the limit", March 2009
  • UC Berkeley, "Gossiping in Groups" October 2008
  • University of Naples, Federico II, Short Course for PhD candidates, "Precoding for Wireless Systems", February 2009
  • Keynote speaker of the conference of COLCOM'08, Popayan, Colombia, September 2008.
  • Keynote speaker of the conference Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications '08 (SPAWC'08), "The transmission of correlated information in networks and sensor systems", Recife, Brazil, July 2008.
  • Syracuse University, "The decentralized estimation officers problem" February 6 2008
  • ITA Workshop, "The decentralized estimation officers problem", A. Scaglione, M. Ercan Yildiz, Can Aysal, January 2008
  • Philips Research, "Randomized Distributed Cooperation", July, 2007.
  • Brooklyn Polytechnic, "Randomized Distributed Cooperation", July, 2007.
  • University of Connecticut, "Synchronization, computation and coordination in sensor systems", March 26, 2007.
  • IPAM workshop, "Data driven sensor access architectures for sensor networks" January 8, 2007
  • Telcordia Technologies, "Cooperative Communications in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: Rethinking the Link Abstraction", May 22, 2006
  • MIT-Stochastic Eigen-Analysis workshop, November 2005:
  • UC-San Diego "Content based Multiple Access: "Combining Source coding and Multiple Access for Scalable Sensor networks" 25-April -2005
  • Stanford Colloquium "Content based Multiple Access: "Combining Source coding and Multiple Access for Scalable Sensor networks" 08-February-2005
  • MIT Applied Math Colloquium "Application of the Theory of Random matrices in Information Systems and Data Processing", 25-October 2004
  • MIT -LIDS Colloquium: "Content based Multiple Access: Combining Source coding and Multiple Access for Scalable Sensor networks", 26-October 2004
  • ICCCP Panel "Future Challenges in Sensor Networks: The quest for scalability", 10 October 2004
  • Talk entitled: "Distributed Multi-hop Sensor Networks: Cooperative Schemes for Data Compression and Modulation"
    • University of Rome "La Sapienza", January 9, 2004
    • Rochester Institute of Technology, January 27, 2004
    • New York Polytechnic, February 13, 2004
  • Corning Inc., Fiber Theory Group, Sullivan Park, 15 March 2004 "Cooperative wireless networks: a framework to improve the scalability of wireless multi-hop networks"
  • General Electric, Albany, 17 March 2004 "Energy-Efficient Cooperative Broadcasting and Synchronization Techniques for Large Scale Distributed Connectionless Networks"
  • North Carolina State University, February 21, 2003, "Signal Processing strategies for Broadcast Communications in Large Sensor Networks: the advantages of a Bottom-Up approach"
  • University of Texas Austin, March 8, 2001 , "The Statistics of Random Eigenvalues and Their Application to Space Time Coding and Multiple Access Channels"
  • Corning Inc., Fiber Theory Group, Sullivan Park November 2001, "An Overview on the state of the art in the design of Wireless Modems"

Consulting and Industrial Interactions

(2005) Cingular Wireless
Consulted for reliability measurements on the 911 location service offered by the Cingular Wireless network.
(2005) Telcordia Technologies, Morristown, NJ.
Joint ONR proposal - BAA 04-008 "MIMO Precoding and Multi-Node Diversity Enhancing the Range and Reliability of HF Transmission" submitted in July 2004 and currently funded in its 3nd Phase.
(2004) Raytheon UTD
Consulted for Phase 1 Army STTR contract for topic A05-T028 "Minimalist Short-Range Wearable Network for Soldier Training". The proposal was based on the connectionless protocols in [J19]
(2003) Telcordia Technologies, Morristown, NJ.
Contributed to a joint DARPA proposal in response to BAA 03-06 with topic "Connectionless Networks". The interaction is continuing through the submission of a new proposal to a 6.2 ONR program. The project is entitled "Enhancing UAV Communication Systems"
(2003) Chesapeake Sciences Corporation, Millersville, MD 21108
Consulted to determine what type of off the shelves wireless technology would be suitable for data fusion with application to a military sensor network deployed in a rural area to monitor river traffic.
(1998) Dune Ingegneria dei Sistemi, Rome, Italy
Consulting for the Shallow Water Acoustic communication Network (SWAN) project, (E. C. -D. G. XII-MAST Commission, project MAS3-CT97-0107), funded by the European Community, aimed at designing digital modulation techniques for under-water communication and blind equalization.