2011 Race Results

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The 2011 NATCAR Competition was held on Friday, May 20, 2011. The course was measured to be 296 feet long. 18 teams came to the competition.


  • UCD = University of California, Davis
  • UCB = University of California, Berkeley
  • UCSD = University of California, San Diego
  • SJSU = San Jose State University


Place Team Adjusted Time (s) Adjusted Speed ("Cones") (ft/sec) Racers
1st UCB1 34.53 8.57 Will Chen, Skot Croshere, Bryan Peng
2nd UCB9 35.77 8.28 Maxwell Chung, Tianbo Xu, Heimdall Siao
3rd UCB4 38.58 7.67 James Lee, Andrew Sy, Lifan Zhang
4th UCB5 40.42 7.32 John Wang, Min Joon Seo, Casidhe Lee
5th UCSD4 44.22 6.69 Todor Molov
6th UCSD2 58.32 5.08 William Breidenthal
7th UCD3 70.23 4.21 Harvey Chan, Gary Button, Daniel Lam
8th UCD4 72.95 4.06 Tairi Delgado, Danish Faroq, Andrew Atmeh
9th UCSD1 75.60 3.92 Junsuk Kevin Choi
10th SJSU1 92.04 3.22 Spencer Wong, Colin Constant, Samantha Chow

Course Map

Note: The course used in the 2011 NATCAR Competition is the same as the course created for the 2005 competition, only the total lenth is 296 feet long.