2007 Race Results

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The course was measured to be 315.3 feet long (A drawing is shown below this table). Only the top 10 teams are listed. 12 teams came to the competition from 5 schools: UCD = University of California, Davis; UCB = University of California, Berkeley; UCSD = University of California, San Diego; UoA = University of Akron; DCH = Del Campo High School.

Del Campo High School was the first high-school team to ever negotiate the track. Congratulations! See the video.


Place Team Course Time (s) Average Speed (ft/sec) Video Racers
1st UCD3 41.63 7.57 Video Kayvan Abbassian & Bill Wang
2nd UCB9 46.14 6.83 Video Justin Brinker & Dmytro Ryazanov
3rd UCB3 51.75 6.09 Video Scott Beamer, Alec Berg & Christopher Downie
4th UoA1 54.01 5.84 Dan Hawk, Jason Kuzman, Josh Miller & Jeff Rossow
5th UCD4 54.33 5.80 Dean Truong & Arthur Wu
6th UCB10 55.57 5.67 Bryan Huang
7th UCB7 66.38 4.75 James McBryan & Yonathan Randolph
8th UCD1 78.84 4.00 Eric Law & Dustin Wang
9th UCB5 89.88 3.51 Michael Ng & Michael Hulten
10th UCD2 109.5 2.88 Arthur Matsumoto & David Zihe

Course Map