Teaching Assistant Handbook

Compiled by Prof. Gary E. Ford, September 1999
Revised by Prof. Richard R. Spencer, July, 2000

Facilities, Materials, and Teaching Aids

Instructional Laboratories

The following are the primary undergraduate instructional laboratories in ECE:

Room Positions Equipment Courses Supported
1101 19 HP Workstations ENG6, EEC73, EEC100, EEC106, EEC110B
1105 21 HP Workstations ENG6, EEC73, EEC100, EEC106, EEC110B
2107 27 HP Workstations EEC180A-B
2110 21 Instruments, PCs EEC70, EEC180A-B
2112 11 Instruments, PCs EEC172
2147 10 Instruments EEC195A-C
2151 6 Instruments EEC194A-C
2155 13 Instruments EEC112
2157 11 Instruments ENG100, EEC100, EEC114, EEC118
2161 11 Instruments ENG100, EEC100, EEC114, EEC118

Instruments refers to electronic instruments, which in most labs consist of an HP 54600B digital oscilloscope, an HP33120A function generator, an HP8013 pulse generator, an HP6237 power supply, and a Fluke 8010 digital multi-meter. In 2155, the pulse generator is an HP8112 and the power supply is an HP3630A.

Instrument Manuals and Tutorials:

Computer Facilities and Support

For information regarding ECE computer facilities and support, including news, computer labs, ECE computer accounts, software packages, tutorials, documentation, and FAQs, follow the link:



A copy machine available to Teaching Assistants is located outside Room 2030 Kemper Hall. This machine is to be used only for copying course work, research, or departmental business. The copier is operated using an auditizer card, to be checked out from the ECE Office. To use the card, list your name, course number, and copy card number on the log sheet. Return the card promptly and record the number of copies made on the log sheet. It is necessary that the card be returned immediately so that other students have access to it.

If you are asked to prepare copies of exams or other handouts for a class, submit a copy request in the ECE office by filling out a form, attaching the originals to be copied, and placing these in the "Copy Box" on the reception desk. Note that a minimum of 24 hours is needed for these requests.

Office Hours

If you need space to hold office hours, please make arrangements with Maria Parker in the ECE Office. She will assist you with reserving suitable space.

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