Teaching Assistant Handbook

Compiled by Prof. Gary E. Ford, September 1999
Revised by Prof. Richard R. Spencer, July, 2000

Course Administration

TAs often are assigned responsibilities for the administrative aspects of a course, such as maintaining student records and preparing and maintaining web materials.


Enrollment in ECE courses is managed through the campus SISWEB registration system. Instructors and TAs are not able to add or drop students from a course or any of its discussion or laboratory sections. Students having problems with enrollment should be referred to the ECE undergraduate advisors.

Student Records

TAs are often asked to maintain student enrollment and grade records. Instructors will need to grant proxy access to TA's in my.ucdavis.edu to perform this task.

Under the Federal Privacy Act, course scores and grades are not to be posted or otherwise made freely available. It is generally accepted on campus that these records may be posted if students are referenced only by the last six digits of their student ID. A better approach is to post records only for those students who have signed an authorization form. This issue should be discussed with the course instructor.

Web Materials

For information on publishing course material on the web, follow the link below:

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