2013 Race Results

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The 2013 Freescale Cup Competition was held on Saturday, April 20, 2013. The course was measured to be 147 feet long. There were 22 teams competing from three universities: UC Berkeley (5 teams), UC Davis (13 teams) and UCLA (4 teams).


Place Team Time (s) University Racers
1st Murica 21.27 UCB Eugene Fang, Steven Rhodes, Owen Lu
2nd UCD Team 6 27.92 UCD Daniel Chang, Leland Martin, Connie Chan
3rd UCD Team13 28.00 UCD Steven Hung, Michael Wachenshwanz, Eric Tu
4th UCD Team 9 31.05 UCD Jonathan Hsu, Shivneil Prasad, Allen Fung
5th UCD Team 3 35.98 UCD Anmol Kaur, Amanda Bettens, Joseph Ellis, John Guthrie
6th UCD Team 2 36.93 UCD Timothy Andreas, Kevin Kampen, Kevin Wong

2013 Race Images

View images and video of the race at https://community.freescale.com