Computer-Aided Design for Industrial Print Infrastructure and Services

Thursday, April 8, Giedt Hall 1003, 4:00pm-5:00pm

Jun Zeng
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Host: Professor Venkatesh Akella


Commercial print is HP’s major business focus. As the pioneer and leader of digital commercial print, HP's strategic position in driving up its print growth is through accelerating the analog to digital conversion in commercial print. Digital transformation of commercial print production brings new opportunities including exploitation of embedded sensing and computing power that enable real-time communication during various phases of the production chain and dynamic reconfiguration of production flow. In this presentation we report our ongoing work on simulating an end-to-end print production process. We draw close parallel between print production design and electronic design automation, and model print production system as a network of interconnected, distinct processes. We describe our simulation framework, preliminary results, and path to policy design and analysis that can provide operational level assistance in the ever-changing dynamics of the production floor, and contribute to providing automated digital commercial print solution.