Cell processor and Cell World

Thursday, April 8, Kemper 1065, 10:30am-11:30am/p>

Mitsuo Saito
Chief Fellow and Vice President of Engineering, Toshiba
Host: Professor Bevan Baas


The Cell processor caused much controversy when it was announced in public, and it has been used for various applications such as Playstation 3, Super computers, and recently, TV and PC's. In his talk, Saito-san will explain the concept behind it, and speak of his experiences whilst involved in the project. Then, he will talk about the recent topics about applications, development environments, and future plan of the Cell processor.


He has been graduated from Electronic Engineering division of University of Tokyo in 1972 and got M.D. in 1974. He then joined Toshiba Corporation's Research and Development Center. Where, he developed Japanese handling computers.

From 1984 to 1985, he studied at MIT Media lab., and did reseach on 3-D graphics and human interface.

From 1986, he started 3-D graphics chip development project. The successor of this chip was adopted by Sony Playstation.

From 1997, he became a director of System ULSI engineering lab. where he was responsible for the development of processor for Sony's Playstation2.

In July, 2001 he became Chief Fellow, and took charge of the Broadband system LSI project, which developed Cell Processor, peripheral chips, and derivative chips.

As of 2007, he became Chief Fellow and Vice President of Engineering.