The Future of Nanotechnology at Samsung

September 14, 2009
Time: 3:00 pm (Pizza served!)
Location: 1065 Kemper Hall

Jong Min Kim, Ph.D.
Samsung Fellow, Senior Vice President
Director, Frontier Research Lab., Samsung Advanced Inst. of Technology (SAIT), Samsung Electronics Co.

Host: Prof. Charles Hunt


The future of nanotechnology at Samsung, including the areas of nano-photonics, nano-electronics, nano-energy, and nano-bio will be presented. Nano-photonics will include quantum-dot displays and other applications. Nano-electronics will cover the growth of graphene and new applications of carbon nanotubes, including flexible and transparent electrodes. New approaches for energy harvesting will highlight the presentation of nano-energy. A presentation of new applications, including the E-tongue and E-nose, and nano-textile electronics will be included.


Dr. Jong Min Kim received his Ph.D. from New Jersey Institute of Technology (Rutgers) in 1991. He has worked at the US Army Research Laboratory, and during 1992-94 for FED Corporation. Since 1994, Dr. Kim has been at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Seoul, South Korea, initially as the Director of the Display Laboratory, and now as Senior Vice President and Laboratory Director of the Samsung Frontier Research Laboratory at SAIT. He has been awarded numerous awards in display technology and in nanostructure science. He is Author of 205 refereed journal publications and 144 Conference presentations. He is listed as an Inventor on 72 domestic patents and 107 international patents.