RF/Microwave/Millimeter Wave Components and Packaging

Electronics packaging is a critical part in bringing RF MEMS and microwave and millimeter wave monolithic integrated circuits into applications. Electronics packaging is involved with material substrates, electrical interconnects, integrated passive components and antennas, thermal management and mechanical features, and sub-system module architectures. Our primary research goal is to develop an organic packaging platform for building miniaturized microwave and millimeter wave front-end transceivers used in wireless communications and radar applications. The packaging research areas at the DMRC include:

  • Metamaterial or left-handed techniques for miniaturizing integrated passives in a module
  • Wide bandwidth integrated passives including baluns, directional couplers, Wilkinson power dividers/combiners, filters, etc.
  • Millimeter-wave near hermetic surface mount packages
  • Millimeter wave high power packages
  • Signal integrity and electrical interconnects

Recent Projects

  • Near hermetic millimeter wave surface mount packages [PDF]
  • Wide bandwidth baluns and push-pull amplifier modules [PDF]