Wen-Ching Tsai



  • University of California, Davis, CA, Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Expected June 2010
  • National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (R.O.C), M.S. in Physics 2004
  • B.S. in Physics 2002

Professional Experience

  • W. C. Tsai, T. H. Chang, N. C. Chen, K. R. Chu, H. H. Song and N. C. Luhmann, Jr., "Study of Absolute Instabilities in the Gyrotron Traveling-Wave Amplifier," presented at the 31st IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science, ICOPS 2004
  • W.C. Tsai, C.W. Domier, K.C. Lee, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., H.K. Park, "Bandwidth Upgrade for the NSTX FIReTIP System," poster at the 17th High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, May 11-15, 2008
  • W.C. Tsai, C.W. Domier, L.R. Barnett, N.C. Luhmann, Jr, "Design and Test of a High Efficiency Energy Recovery Pulse Modulator," poster at the 7th IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference, Monterey, CA, USA, May 18-20, 2010


  • UC Davis, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

  • Millimeter-wave Imaging and Sensors
  • Microwave/THz Vacuum Electronics

Research Activities

  • Development of IF electronics system of multi-channel far infrared interferometry/polarimetry "camera" for imaging and visualization of density fluctuations in a magnetic fusion plasma device
  • Low noise IF electronics system : PCB board design, installation and testing of automatic gain control (AGC) and phase locked loop (PLL) circuits
  • Phase comparison electronics: improved circuitry design for a digital fringe counter circuit
  • Phase noise analysis: noise estimation by examining power spectral density using Matlab
  • High voltage (~ 1 kV) modulator: PSpice simulation, PCB board design, experimental testing of a novel "energy recovery" modulator for a sheet beam klystron

Selected Publications

  • W. C. Tsai, T. H. Chang, N. C. Chen, K. R. Chu, H. H. Song and N. C. Luhmann, Jr., "Absolute Instabilities in a High-Order-Mode Gyrotron Traveling-Wave Amplifier", Phys. Rev. E 70, 056402 (2004)
  • H.H. Song, D.B. McDermott, Y. Hirata, L.R. Barnett, C.W. Domier, H.L. Hsu, T.H. Chang, W.C. Tsai, K.R. Chu, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., "Theory and Experiment of a 94 GHz Gyrotron Traveling-Wave Amplifier," Physics of Plasmas 11, pp. 2935-2941 (2004)
  • L.R Barnett, W.C. Tsai, H.L. Hsu, N.C. Luhmann, C.C. Chiu, K.F. Pao, K.R. Chu, "140 kW W-Band TE01 Ultra High Gain Gyro-TWT Amplifier," 2006 IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference held jointly with 2006 IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Sources, IVEC/IVESC 2006, pp. 461 – 462 (2006)