Jiali Lai



  • B.S. University of Science and Technology of China, June 2008
  • Ph.D. University of California, Davis, expected June 2013

Professional Experience

  • UC Davis Research Assistant, 2008 - present, MM Wave Plasma Diagnostics Group, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
  • USTC Research Assistant, 2006 - June 2008, Applied Electromagnetics Lab, Electronic Engineering and Information Science Dept.


  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Group
  • Center for Advanced Laboratory Fusion Science and Engineering (CALFUSE)

Research Interests

  • Millimeter-wave Imaging and Sensors
  • RF/Microwave/Millimeter Wave Components and Packaging
  • RFIC Design

Research Activities

  • The research focus right now concerns the frequency extending of ECE(Electron Cyclotron Emission) imaging system. The current generation of 2-D ECE imaging system provides a 16 (vertical) * 8 (horizontal) image of Te profiles and fluctuations through the use of a 16 element imaging array and an 8 channel radiometer attached to each array element. The next generation of ECEI electronics will expand the instantaneous frequency coverage from the present 2.0-9.2 GHz to 2.0-18.0 GHz to form 16*16 Te images.
    • Topic #1: Develop a wideband diplexer/downconverter to enable a wideband 2.0-18.0 GHz system to connect to two parallel 2.0-9.2 GHz IF modules. The lower frequency signals will come out the low frequency output and would be connected directly to an SMA connector. The higher frequency signals mostly come out the high frequency channel and would be amplified with a low noise 10-18 GHz amplifier and then to a wideband surface mount mixer. The mixer IF signal is then finally connected to an SMA connector.
    • Topic #2: ECEI presently employs connectorized 2.0-18.0 GHz low noise amplifiers which are connected to the ECEI array board. These amplifiers are expensive and add a considerable volume to the ECEI array box. Surface mount and wire-bonded amplifiers with 2-18 GHz and 2-20 GHz bandwidths are now commercially available, which could dramatically decrease the cost and size of the ECEI array boxes. Test circuits need to be developed to test and compare both types of chip amplifiers.

Selected Publications

  • Zhang Jun, Zhu Qi, Lai Jiali and Xu Shanjia, "Realization of Even Amplitude and Phase Distributions in Series Feed Configuration with Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line", Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, 2008. AP-S 2008. IEEE, 5-11 July 2008 Page(s):1 - 4