EEC197T - Tutoring In Electrical And Computer Engineering

1-3 units - Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters

Discussion:1 hours

Discussion/Laboratory: 2-8 hours

Prerequisites: Upper-division standing; consent of instructor

Grading: Pass/No Pass; based on one written report (20%); class participation/instructor's evaluation (80%)

Catalog Description: Tutoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering courses, especially introductory circuits. For upper-division undergraduate students who will provide tutorial assistance.

Expanded Course Description:
Course content will vary depending on course for which student is tutoring. Typically, students will provide tutorial assistance either in a group or on an individual basis for laboratory exercises, homework assignments and understanding of lecture/reading material. Assistance may take the form of reviewing/discussing the material, providing guidance in problem solving, or conceptual understanding of basis principles. A one-hour discussion each week will focus on topics to be covered during subsequent week's laboratory/discussion sections. In addition, some pedagogic material on course objectives design and teaching methods will be relaxed each week.

Textbook: None

Computer Usage: Variable, depending on course in which student is tutoring.

Professional Component: Engineering Breadth
Engineering Science: 0 units
Engineering Design: 0 units

Instructor: Staff
Prepared by: T. S. Chang
Revised: 11/99