EEC246 - Advanced Projects In Ic Fabrication

3 units - Spring Quarter Alternate Years

Discussion: 1 hour

Laboratory: 6 hours

Prerequisite: course 146B

Grading: Letter; based on course project (100%)

Catalog Description:

Individualized projects in the fabrication of analog or digital integrated circuits.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Review of Technologies Available for Use in IC Lab and Definition of Term Project
  2. Design of Circuit
  3. Breadboard Testing
  4. Computer Aided Layout
  5. Fabrication
  6. Testing
Textbook: No text required
Course notes related to student's project

Engineering Design Statement:

In this course, the students and professor select a circuit, device or process to design, fabricate and test. The project requires the students to implement knowledge and skills learned in other engineering and science courses to create a microstructure. This involves decisions in materials and process selection, microstructure geometry and integration, based on desired function and the constraints of available time and facilities.

ABET Category Content:

Engineering Science: 1 unit
Engineering Design: 2 units

Instructors: Hunt, Islam


Last revised: 1/90