EEC214 - Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis and Design

3 units - Winter Quarter

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisites: Courses 110A, 110B - knowledge of FORTRAN or C.

Grading: Letter; based on research paper summary and presentation (30%); CAD programming project (30%); and final exam (40%)

Catalog Description:

Network equation formulations. Nonlinear DC, linear AC, time-domain (both linear and nonlinear), steady-state (nonlinear) and harmonic analysis. DC, AC, and time-domain sensitivities of linear and nonlinear circuits. Gradient-based design optimization. Behavioral simulations. Extensive CAD project.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Formulation of Network Equations
  2. Solution of Linear DC and AC Circuit Equations
  3. "Companion Models" for Linear and Nonlinear Time-Domain Analyses - Equation Formulation
  4. Solution of Linear and Nonlinear DC and Time-Domain Circuit Equations
  5. Harmonic Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits
  6. Steady-State Analysis of Lightly-Damped Nonlinear Circuits
  7. Calculation of Linear and Nonlinear DC, AC, and Time-Domain Circuit Sensitivities
  8. AC, DC, and Transient Gradient Calculations
  9. Design Optimization - DC, AC, Transient
  10. Behavioral Models and Simulation
The methods learned will be applied to the following:
  1. Class Project: Each student is required to develop, implement, and fully document a CAD procedure.
  2. Journal Article Review: Each student is required to give an oral and written summary of a journal paper on the CAD of integrated circuits.
Course Materials:
  1. Recent journal paper.
  2. J. Vlach and K. Singhal, Computer Methods for Circuit Analysis and Design, 1983.
  3. K. W. Current, Introduction to Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis and Design Optimization, 1983.
  4. S. B. Haley and K. W. Current, "Response to Change in Linearized Circuits and Systems: Computational Algorithms and Applications," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 73, pp. 5-24, 1985.

ABET Category Content:

Engineering Design: 2 units
Engineering Science: 1 unit

Instructor: Current, Haley