EEC212 - Analog Mos Ic Design For Signal Processing

3 units - Winter Quarter

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: course 210

Grading: Letter: homework 40%, midterm 25%, final 35%

Course Description:

Analysis and design of analog MOS integrated circuits. Passive components, single-ended and fully differential op amps, sampled-data and continuous-time filters.

Expanded Course Description:

This is an advanced course in analog MOS integrated circuit design. The focus is on the design of circuits for signal processing applications. The first half of the course covers advanced MOS device modeling, passive components, and a number of CMOS operational amplifiers, both single-ended and fully differential.

In the second half of the quarter, switched-capacitor (SC) circuits are introduced and analyzed using the Z- transform and charge-transfer analysis. A SC sample-and-hold circuit is analyzed. Then first- and second-order SC filters, FIR filters, ladder filters, and nonideal effects in SC filters are covered. Continuous-time CMOS filters are also presented.

  1. CMOS Process
    1. Second-order effects in MOS transistors
    2. Passive components, matching
  2. Operational Amplifiers
    1. The two-stage op amp
    2. Folded cascode op amp
    3. Class AB op amp
    4. Output stages
    5. Feedback analysis using return ratio
    6. Fully differential op amps, continuous-time common-mode feedback (CMFB)
  3. Switched-Capacitor (SC) Circuits
    1. Simple sample & hold
    2. Charge transfer equations, Z-transform analysis
    3. SC integrators, active SC filters, S-to-Z transforms
    4. Sampling effects, sin x/x, decimation/interpolation, SWITCAP
    5. SC ladder filters
    6. FIR filters, SC gain circuits
    7. kT/C noise, op-amp noise, double correlated sampling, chopping
    8. SC common-mode feedback
  4. Continuous-Time Filters
    1. R-C active filters
    2. MOSFET-C filters
    3. Transconductance-C (Gm-C) filters
    4. Tuning

    Homework requiring computer simulation will be carried out by the student. One midterm and a final will be given.

Textbook: Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems, Laker & Sansen, McGraw-Hill, 1994.

Computer Usage: SWITCAP & SPICE programs

Laboratory Projects:

Engineering Design Statement:

This course covers the design of op amps and analog filters. Simulations of amplifiers and filers are carried out by the student using SPICE and SWITCAP programs. The homework includes a filter design problem.

ABET Category Content:

Engineering Design: 2 units
Engineering Science: 1 unit

Instructors: Hurst, Lewis