Mandatory Advising

To assist students in completing their program in a timely manner, and to ensure that students are well prepared for courses, annual advising is mandatory in the College of Engineering.  Advising holds are placed on a student’s account once a year.

Advising Hold Schedule

These schedules are based on the first letter of your surname:

A-G: Fall Quarter Hold
Hold takes effect on : December 15th

H-N: Winter Quarter Hold
Hold takes effect on : March 15th

O-Z: Spring Quarter Hold
Hold takes effect on : September 15th

To release holds:

In order to have a hold released, students must complete an Academic Advising Hold Release Worksheet for their major (see links below) or submit an Academic Plan Form in their, and meet with the ECE Undergraduate Advisor to discuss their study plan.  Students in their third and fourth year are also required to see an ECE faculty member for academic and career advising, this is typically done after having met with the program advisor.  Students may choose to meet with any departmental faculty member – contact them directly to make an appointment.  Faculty research interests and e-mail addresses are listed here.

You must make an appointment with the program advisor to have your hold released.  You can do so here by selecting Electrical & Computer Engineering.
Please complete an academic plan draft by visiting > Forms & Petitions tab > Submit a New Form> Academic Plan > fill in the next 3 academic quarters>then SAVE AS A DRAFT (do not SUBMIT).  You must complete your 3 quarter plan PRIOR To your appointment.

Do you plan to change your major?

  • If you plan to change to another major within the College of Engineering, please meet with an adviser from your intended major to clear your hold.
  • If you plan to change to a major outside of the College of Engineering and are currently declared in the Electrical or Computer Engineering major, please meet with the ECE advisor to clear your hold, only students changing out of the major can have their hold released during drop-in hours.

Advising Hold Release Worksheets are available here:

Visit both the College of Engineering Undergraduate Advising website and the Registrar’s web catalog site for more information.