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EEC 192: Academic Credit

How to get academic credit (technical elective) for an internship:

You can receive up to 6 units of EEC 192 units toward the Technical Elective requirement (6 units max of any combined EEC 190, 192, 198, 199), the steps below will help guide you through this process.

  1. Identify a Faculty Sponsor- you’ll need an ECE Faculty member to support your internship to verify that it’s worthy of academic credit.  If you have a summer job doing computer repairs for you aunts/uncles, that likely will not qualify as academic credit worth, use your discretion. A list of our faculty and their areas of research can be found here: http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/people/faculty/ .  You should be in communication PRIOR to the start of your internship as they might request a weekly check-in, project update etc.  Junior & Seniors: this is something to talk about during your mandated faculty advising.
  2. Complete the first two pages of this document and send/go over with your Faculty Sponsor http://icc.ucdavis.edu/local_resources/handouts/form-192.pdf so that you’re on the same page regarding your requirements, goals etc.
  3. At the conclusion of your internship have your Site Supervisor complete the last page of the above 192 form.
  4. Turn in the entire 3 pages to me when you return for Fall Quarter.  I will give you a CRN for the EEC 192 units and you can add it to your Fall schedule (so you don’t have to pay for the units over Summer).
  5. While it is likely you earned 12 units (40 hrs/week)  for a summer internship only 6 can count toward your Technical Elective requirement and you can only register for 5 EEC 192 units per quarter.  When registering you’ll adjust the hours to the correct amount (max 5) and if you need the additional 6th EEC 192 unit I can issue you a CRN for Winter, just let me know when the time comes for Winter registration.

More information regarding 192 units and Internships can be found here: http://icc.ucdavis.edu/find/internships/index.htm