Students Without a Degree in ECE

Students with a background other than electrical or computer engineering will meet with the Department Graduate Advisor during their first quarter of residence to determine the required sequence of remedial courses. Students must demonstrate competency by completing the remedial course requirements, obtaining a grade of B or better in six of the courses listed below or their equivalents. The six courses must be selected from at least three of the six areas listed.

Active and Passive Circuits


Physical Electronics

Signals and Systems

Computer Systems and Software

  • ECS30 Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving
  • ECS40 Introduction to Software Development and Object-Oriented Programming
  • EEC70 Computer Structure and Assembly Language
  • EEC73 Applications of Object-Oriented Programming Digital Systems
  • EEC170 Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • EEC180A Digital Systems I
  • EEC180B Digital Systems II

None of these courses can be counted toward an ECE graduate degree.